30 September 2014

Thanks for appreciating us!

30 September 2014

When your department processes more than 1,500 incident reports every month, it is a real highlight of the day when a member of the public takes the time to thank you for your work. Sometimes it is just a simple compliment over the phone or at the counter. Sometimes it is an email giving positive feedback. For the 1,700 MOM officers toiling away to keep things running smoothly, these can be great morale boosters.

Two of our officers received just that boost from members of the public like Francis Kang and Catherine Low when they wrote in to acknowledge the assistance they received. 

Francis was full of praise for Tang Poh Lin, an Executive for MOM’s Frontline Services at MOM Services Centre (MOMSC), Gallery@Hall A. The Gallery@Hall A is a self-service area at MOMSC, with walls covered in cheerful infographics and pamphlets stacked along the walls for visitors to help themselves to information. Poh Lin’s job is to guide visitors who require a little more assistance and Francis was one of them. Francis visited MOM on 23 May 2014 to seek clarifications about S-Pass quota issues, and Poh Lin went beyond what was expected to help him out. Here’s what Francis shared:

We were attended to by Ms Tang Poh Lin, who patiently explained to us the S-Pass policy and updated us about the latest information. She also took it upon herself to refer us to the e-services lobby and sought the help of an officer on duty to assist us. Subsequently, when she saw us at the lobby counter, she took the trouble to check whether we have managed to obtain the information we needed. We are highly pleased with the professional manner in which Ms Tang attended to our request. Such commitment to great customer service should be commended.

“I feel very happy whenever I receive a compliment, as it shows that my hard work is recognised and it makes me immensely proud to be a MOMer!” – Tang Poh Lin
Catherine too had kind words for James Goo, an Executive in the Incident Reporting and Customer Outreach Branch at the Work Injury Compensation Department. James has spent four years with the branch engaging members of the public about work injury incident reporting issues. He answers all their queries, from simple ones on how to file an incident report to more complex questions regarding the work injury compensation legislation. Catherine was just another member of the public seeking answers, but James gave it his best nonetheless. Here’s what Catherine had to say:

Just wanted to highlight that you have an excellent staff member who went the extra mile to help me. He is none other than James Goo Khek Meng. On several occasions, I encountered some technical glitches or problems when uploading documents and even failure to get into your system to file incident reports. He patiently checked on what went amiss and replied timely. Above that, he was polite and kind enough to guide me through the usage of the system. At certain points when I was unable to understand certain steps pertaining to the system, he will explain again without raising his voice. I truly appreciate his kind efforts all this while. He is a gem & great asset to your organisation. Truly hope that your organisation will treasure and develop him.

“I never thought that a member of public will actually write in to compliment me for such minor assistance. It makes me feel encouraged that there are always people out there who are appreciative what we have done for them even if it is just a minor assistance.” – James Goo
Bouquets like these boost the morale of the team at MOM and add meaning to what can sometimes feel like very routine work. For example, James is part of a team of just eight officers, who has to verify the accuracy of over 430 reports every week, and make sure that each report is verified within five working days.

The kind words also help to ameliorate the effects of difficult customers, including some employers who blame the Ministry for protecting the employee’s rights at the employers’ expense or who make unreasonable requests like demanding that the Ministry retract a warning letter on late incident reporting. Even these cases have to be treated with tact and courtesy – and it is a taxing process for our staff on the ground.

So here’s to you – the people in the street who go the extra mile to make our days a little brighter, and bring satisfaction to our work!

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