03 January 2011

Need to get ahead in the job market? Try Career Compass!

03 January 2011

Have you just graduated or will be graduating? Are you thinking about which jobs to take up? Wouldn’t it be good if there was a website that has all the information you need to make such decisions?

MOM’s Career Compass may just be the thing to point you in the right direction! Here’s what our career guide can offer at a glance:

• Information on over 200 jobs, including their working environments, industry outlook and salary

• Job advertisement analysis

• Job Assessment Tools

• Labour Market Highlights

• Weekly consolidated labour market news

• Job Vacancy Reports

• Links to job vacancies

Before you think that the Career Compass is only about facts and figures, we have some behind-the-scenes stories of employees working in industries that you may be interested in. Read more and be inspired!
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