21 July 2010

Calling for Input on New Employment Agency Regulations

21 July 2010

MOM is inviting the public to play a part in formulating regulations which would protect the interests of employees and employers. Our proposed changes to the employment agency regulatory framework have been uploaded on REACH - the Government online feedback portal - for you to post your comments and suggestions.

Employment agencies are key intermediaries between job-seekers and employers, carrying out recruitment and placement activities and providing HR solutions for companies. In fact, more people are tapping on their services today. The number of employment agencies has increased seven-fold to over 2,300 since the Employment Agencies Act was last amended in 1984.
The proposed changes include:
  • Increasing the accountability of stakeholders
  • Imposing sufficient penalties to deter malpractices
  • Ensuring minimum standards through legislation
  • Ensuring the framework stays relevant in today’s context
  • Recognising diversity in operating models
The public consultation is open till 10 August 2010. We look forward to hearing from you!
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